Llhuros Symposium 2022

Llhuros Symposium 2022


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Civilization of Llhuros

The one great contemporary visual comment on this society, Norman Daly’s unprecedented creation—The Civilization of Llhuros—has no polemic intent, but this imaginary archeological civilization is a revelation of the obsessions and psychic condition of our times, offered in the form of an artful and seductive array of sights, words and sounds. — The New Republic, November 1973

— The New Republic, November 1973

The Llhuros Symposium
October 8, 2022

An all-day virtual event, hosted by the School of Art, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, will mark the 50th anniversary of Norman Daly’s “Civilization of Llhuros.” Artists and scholars will discuss this pioneering multimedia work of archaeological fiction which had its first exhibition at Cornell University in 1972.

Logo of University of Tennessee Knowxville
Logo for The Civilization of Llhuros showing image of the Dwarf Monster
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